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Hand Dryers in Factories
Update: 2012-3-13

Q:Can the High-speed Hand Dryer be used in factories?
Yes. The High-speed Hand Dryer is ideal for restaurants,factories,hotels,offices,buildings  etc.,because it dries hands in half the time of standard hand dryers. Especially during peak periods, it keeps traffic flowing through the washrooms.

Q:I want to switch to hand dryers, but the up-front cost for dryers is relatively higher than paper.  How do I deal with this?
Hand dryers are so cost effective as compared to paper towels that a typical hand dryer installation project will pay for itself in as little as six months.  World Dryer is able to provide you with a custom cost savings analysis to demonstrate this savings, payback, and also your environmental savings.

Q:What is your best selling dryer?
HD Series hand dryers are our best selling dryers for restaurants, because of their combination of durability, dry time, and virtually maintenance free operation.

Q:I've heard paper towels are more hygienic than hand dryers.  Is that true?
A:Several studies have shown this to be false.  According to the study, drying with hand dryers in no more likely to create airborne microorganisms, and in fact it found that the number of microorganisms exiting a hand dryer was 30-75% less than the number entering the hand dryer.  The study concluded that hand dryers are perfectly suitable for use in both the healthcare and foodservice industries.

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